New York Knicks are now 2W-2L in to their regular season and coming off from Home game loss.

New York Knicks are now 2W-2L in to their regular season. Lost their last home game in front of a fully packed Madison Square.

Net Player Scores (NPS) for Knicks players based on their last game performance.  Carmelo is missing in these categories. If Carmelo can control his game more, Knicks may have a good chance.

  • Porzingis is Outstanding
  • Williams and Early are Very Good
  • Grant is Good

K. Porzingis


D. Williams


C. Early


J. Grant



Cavs are 3W-1L, took care of the business in the last game with Sixers. In the first quarter, Sixers looked like they were ready to stop Cavs winning streak but did not show up in rest of the quarters.

For Cavs, Mo was Excellent, on Net Player Score (NPS) and scored again 100+ points (3rd straight game with more than 100 points). Real highlight was LeBron reaching a milestone in his 12 year NBA career with 25000 points, youngest player in NBA to reach this mark. Sixers fans acknowledged that too!

Congrats to LeBron. As I wrote earlier, he is unique!

Last season, Knicks won the Cavs Home Game which was also the season opener. I doubt they will be able to repeat the same. Cavs now have the team chemistry in place with strong bench performances.

J.R. Smith is out for next two games with suffered a right knee contusion during the first quarter against Sixers. CFF wishes him speedy recovery.

There is no immediate threat for the team balance as both bench and role players are taking care of both ends of the court with Cavs offense clicking. I would wait for at least 10 games to perform strengths, weakness, opportunity and threat analysis based on the player’s stats.

Knicks do have a mission in place and their goal is be a legitimate contender in the east. If they get locked on to their mission, they can take down Cavs!

CFF: Prediction is it is going to be a close game only if Knicks are willing to push their limits.

If the game is played only for 12 minutes, 76ers won the game by all means. 76ers offense was really

If the game is played only for 12 minutes, 76ers won the game by all means. 76ers offense was really looking good. But rest of the quarters tell a different story.

The difference between young team vs experienced team is on how a team preserves early gains or recovers from early loss of momentum to adjust and execute a different game plan.

Cavs are experienced. Period.

First and Third quarters are almost identical, 76ers took the first and Cavs took the 3rd.  Good news for 76ers is both Okafor and Stauskas are really playing good.  76ers are a young and talented team but lot to learn especially on how to keep their poise and capitalize on early momentum and early gains.

76ers high spirited effort in the last quarter made this game more interesting to watch but it was too late for 76ers.

For Cavs, Mo is back!  Mo Show is finally arrived in game 4.

Mo is a quality player for sure and all he needs is more minutes. I’m still waiting for Smith’s performance and looks like we need wait for some more regular season games. At some point, Smith needs to get back to his style of play.

Blatt has more weapons in his arsenal and his choices are clearly paying off.  This is the 3rd straight game in which Cavs scored more than 100 points.

Cavs NPS (Net Player Score). Good to see Mo in ‘Excellent’ category also this category is Kevin Love as expected. LeBron is Outstanding as usual and stepped at the right time.

L. James


M. Williams


K. Love


 T. Thompson


T. Mozgov


 J. Jones



76ers NPS (Net Player Score). Even though McConnell and Wood are Outstanding based on the minutes they played, other players shared the load as well.

T.J. McConnell


C. Wood


J. Sampson


J. Okafor


N. Noel


H. Thompson