Based on all the reports and  interviews by players and coach, as of today team is ready to and
Based on all the reports and  interviews by players and coach, as of today team is ready to and healthy. What else can we expect? Healthy team is  a good sign for the long NBA season. Here comes the team chemistry issue. Most players on the previous roster are back with some new additions, may be not so new to team but definitely in a new setting. 

Here comes Mo Williams! One of my favorite when he was on the Cavs team. How can we forget the pass from him James and James hitting a huge 3 in the last second to win the game! I think the long term game plan is to give Mo more minutes of Kyrie or Delly or both? Adding Mo to the roster might solve the problem of scoring and spread out of Cavs offence.  

Let’s see how this works out. Mo need to share the ball with Love as well! 

I am happy for the team as of now and would like see whether the investment in Tristan Thompson really makes sense.

It’s a whole new season and this time expectations are even high! Go Cavs!

CAVSFANFOREVER.COM was born at the end 2014-2015 season finals, to appreciate and show support for a

2014-2015 season was one of the best in Cavs history. LeBron’s homecoming, new team additions, expectations, anticipation of first championship and overall crazy Cleveland reactions! At the end of season we all are disappointed but for sure renewed with more hope. What ever happened last year made me realize that irrespective of the outcome, I just love watching every Cavs game. This led me to create this website called is to show my support for CAVS TEAM for the upcoming season, which starts tomorrow!

As a Cavs fan, 2014-2015 season finals were very special, making it to the playoffs for the first time in 4 years! How can we forget LeBron’s Leadership, Delly’s heroics, Love’s and Kyrie’s injury and Smith’s 3 pointers. We were close enough to go for the championship run but on the way we had unexpected injuries that played very crucial role. What we have learned from last year is, LeBron needs his team to be healthy and free from injuries. There were so many thrilling moments in 2014-2015 season and I am sure every Cavs fan enjoyed every game, win or lose. wishes all the best to Cavs Team for the upcoming NBA season, 2015-2016. 

We hope that we will get it done this year!  

Go Cavs! Go CFF!