Cavaliers are now self-corrected and came together as a team. After the game, Blatt highlighted tha

Cavaliers are now self-corrected and came together as a team. After the game, Blatt very clearly highlighted the fact that “We were aggressive and we were physical". It's true!

Mo and Shumpert did not play in this game. Mozgov played only for about 11 minutes. Dellavedova ended up with 13 Assists. Varejao also played around 11 minutes scoring 9 points.

As far as the NPS is concerned, James and Love are on the top of list with rest playing their roles effectively.  There were some miscommunications and too many fast passes resulted in 3 second rule violation for Cavaliers. Bucks played very well too. They were in a position to take the lead but could not score in few drives.

J R Smith scored 18 points. He has to play for himself and in my opinion for Mo as well. His 3 pointers are back.

I think the result of this games sums up what James after the game.  “This is how we need to play”

Check out the NPS (Net Player Scores) and it reflects what exactly James said.

L. James



K. Love



A. Varejao



J. Jones



T. Thompson


Very Good

J. Cunningham



J. Smith


M. Dellavedova


R. Jefferson



Cavaliers are now 9-3, still leading in both Eastern Conference and Central Division. Next game is on Saturday against Atlanta Hawks at Quicken Loans Arena (Home Game for Cavaliers).

This is the first game between Cavaliers and Hawks. Last year (2014-2015 season) Cavaliers beat Hawks to move to Eastern Conference Finals.

There was lot talk about Dellavedova’s play during that series with media and analysts jumping on Dellavedova. Eventually this lead to “Protect our Delly” campaign.