Completely outplayed in the first quarter, regained some momentum in 2nd and with a high flying snap

Completely outplayed in the first quarter, regained some momentum in 2nd and with a high flying snap at own 15 yards, unreachable by RG III, lost the momentum and lost the game for good. Meanwhile Carson was able to connect with Matthew on long passes to dismantle Browns defense!

Carson took some good and clean hits from Browns defense personnel, still managed to stretch his arms by going long range few times, successfully. For RG III, it’s a different story.  I felt like Browns were doing too much on the offense end and too many things are happening so quickly. 

When Browns were down by 3 (10-13) and made good plays, it seemed like they were on the right track. They lost their composure and became error prone. 

Pryor managed to acquire a new habit of not catching but RG III keep providing him more and more opportunities for him to perfect his new habit. Well honestly not all of them are easy but as a WR you are expected to catch any way! 

Hue has a big problem. He needs rally this team from this loss (Browns did everything wrong) and move forward with some discipline and most importantly clear game plan. It was tough to understand whether he is going for a rush-pass, pass-rush or both and something else. Whatever plan he had did not play well on the field. 

As the game progressed, pocket space for RG III started to shrink and in some instances totally disappeared. This is not a good sign. 

High Flying Snap (new for the season)

In my opinion this one single unfortunate snap changed the momentum of the game in favor of Eagles.  Eagles never looked back and took advantage of the situation. Even before the 4th quarter, game is over, sadly in favor of Eagles.

Joe Haden tweeted “Tough Loss” after the game. Yes it is tough to watch Browns losing in this fashion. It is tough to watch when the ball went high during a routine snap, RG III chasing it and showing his soccer skills. It is tough to watch when most part of the game was played at the Browns end as if there were only 50 yards in the field. It is tough to realize that nothing worked in favor of Browns!

Yes Joe! It is a Tough Loss! You don't have tweet about the same!

Few things Browns need to take care for next game, which is also a Home game!

  • Hue needs to figure out what is his overall plan for all 4 quarters. 
  • Punt when you are expected to punt
  • More catching and snapping practice

It is always great to watch football! NFL season kicked off with rematch of Broncos and Panthers! No
NFL season kicked off with a rematch of Broncos and Panthers! Not the same as last Superbowl match, but for sure it generated enough excitement. 

Panthers and Cam are looking for their first win and put away all the left over noise from previous season, for good! On the other hand, Broncos are now without Peyton, trying to introduce their franchise future quarterback, with a solid start by winning their Home game! 

Will this be a one-sided game? Cam can do it? What ever the outcome, I am looking forward for fun and great NFL season! Good luck all teams, AFC or NFC! It's all in the name of Football! As far as Browns are concerned, they are embarking on a new type of season with lots of firsts! New Coach, new Quarter Back, new front office with some analytics and already traded for new round picks etc. As season progress, Browns may bounce back or embark on a new journey, again!  (similar to previous years).

By the way, Panthers lost their first game of the season. It's a rematch for Cam, at least from the results perspective! Pathers could not score on the field kick with less than 10 seconds left on the clock.

Final result: Close match as expected! Broncos defense is still strong! Panthers missed great opportunities with Cam knocked out in the last minutes of the game. Hope he will recover or we may have to wait till tomorrow to know his condition!