Every senior player in any sport deserve respect! No arguments!Dwyane Wade deserve respect. After al
Every senior player in any sport deserve respect! No arguments!

Dwyane Wade deserve respect. After all he is the face of Heat franchise for a long time with multiple championship rings on his hand. Wade deserve respect on the court. Heat losing to Philly on previous 17 encounters does not matter. A motivated Wade is more dangerous than any player on the court. Kevin Hart can make you laugh but on Monday (April 16th) at Game 2 at Philly’s home court, he chose to motivate Wade through his trash talk and with his court side body language.

Every quarter, Wade looked more locked on the game and in fact explosive. After Wade is traded from Cleveland, mid-season,  this may be his best performance and when it mattered the most. Philly came close within 2 points in 3rd quarter and when Wade was sitting. When Wade checked in again for the last time, it was all different. It was tough to guard him. His shots were going in with so much of confidence. Wade’s 28 point performance is what Heat needed to level the series.

Senior player, Dwyane Wade deserve respect. Kevin Hart should stop motivating Wade with his talk and court side actions. Kevin Hart should also remember that, only Wade can handle the ball!

Kyrie is back and looking pretty good! Kyrie is playing his first after the he left with injury from

Kyrie is back and looking pretty good! Kyrie is playing his first after the he left with injury from last year Finals.  Apart from Harris and Williams every one played today!

Sixers are having the worst record in NBA right now and outcome of this game is pretty much expected.

Cavaliers are now at 18-7, leading the Eastern Conference with current winning streak at 5. Some new things to notice, LeBron did not play in the entire fourth quarter and Dellavedova scoring 20 points with four 3 pointers.

Cavaliers are now back to full strength! Blatt has more choices now to come up with more innovative game plans.

Cavaliers – Net Player Score

With 17 minutes on the floor, Kyrie right away moved into Outstanding category on Net Player Score. Even without playing in fourth quarter, LeBron is still in Outstanding category.

L. James



K. Irving



M. Dellavedova



S. Kaun



T. Mozgov



J. Smith



I. Shumpert



T. Thompson



J. Jones



K. Love


J. Cunningham


R. Jefferson


A. Varejao


Best start in NBA history - Golden State Warriors with 18-0Golden State Warriors are playing with an
Best start in NBA history - Golden State Warriors with 18-0

Golden State Warriors are playing with an amazing confidence. I think this team only gets better after every game and they might end up in setting a new record for the best start in NBA for years to come. With 18 wins on their side, Warriors are playing this game in a different level compared to last year. Their motive is very clear. Defend and retain their Championship for one more year and they are doing everything they can to achieve this. 

Worst start in NBA history (tied as of 11/30/2015) – Philadelphia Sixers with 0-18

Sixers are a very young team and they came very close to winning some of the 18 games they played. Challenge for this team is to keep their focus on winning few games at least at Home. Sometimes only good thing can come out of hitting rock bottom is bouncing back. 

Kobe Bryant is leaving NBA for good. End of an era!

Kobe announced his retirement. He is retiring from NBA after the current season and no further plans to play any significant role with Lakers. This may change as his retirement becomes a reality. His poem on Player’s Tribunal conveyed the message but in my opinion, his commitment and contribution to Lakers is much bigger than his simple poem. Lakers and Kobe are synonymous for so many years.

The way the Lakers are playing with 2-14 record in Western Conference and no chance of even making it to finals, Kobe’s decision is very appropriate.  Kobe’s dream is to retire as a Laker and he is doing that with pride even with the worst season record instead of turning into a journey man. 

5 time NBA champion, third leading scorer in NBA history and All Star for many number of times. Injuries played a big role in missing a very good number of games last two seasons and above all age must catching up as well. Apart from all side stories, struggles and injuries, Kobe is a heck of a basketball player.

If Kobe is healthy and not going to miss any games in the remainder of the season, Feb 10th, 2016 will be his last appearance as a Laker at Quickens Loan Arena, Cleveland.

In my opinion, this announcement was expected at the end of last season but somehow dragged on. Finally Kobe and Lakers can move on.  Lakers can now rebuild their franchise with new talent and most importantly they have no restriction or obligation to build a team around Kobe anymore. This is a relief for Lakers Management and also a great challenge because nothing can replace Kobe.

Good Luck Kobe! Good Luck Golden State Warriors! Good Luck Sixers!