By half time, Cavs were up by 31. This stat alone summarizes the entire game!  Raptors lost thi
Raptors now have one choice left. They can avoid a trip to Cleveland for Game 7. All previous encounters with Cavs at Cleveland ended in loses. Raptors can still make a statement by forcing Game 7 and leaving the outcome to Cavs!  


By half time, Cavs were up by 31. This single stat alone summarizes the entire game!  Raptors lost this game by half time but still had to wait for the next 24 minutes to make it official. Everything went wrong for Raptors from the very first quarter and they could not find a way from formidable Cavs defense.

Cavs again put the ball in Love’s hands and this time he did not disappoint. He ended up with 25, high score for Cavs and  followed by LeBron and Kyrie, each scoring 23 points.

A steal by Smith and Love’s full court (almost) throw to LeBron for a Dunk are some of the things demoralized the Raptors even more.  After the series is tied at 2-2, it turned out to be a mini series of best of 3.  Win 2 and take the Eastern Conference Title for 2016.  In this new context, Cavs are up by 1 and they made their statement and still have the Home Court advantage if in case series is headed to Game 7.

Lowry and DeRozan scored 13 and 14. Their combined score is just 2 points more than Love’s individual score. This is where Cavs defense excels. They can simply shutdown the main scorers of their opponents.  

First seed team is just 1 game away and Second Seed team is just 2 games away from the title. Go Cavs!

So far for in this series, this is the closest and well spirited game by Hawks.  Millsap fired

So far for in this series, this is the closest and well spirited game by Hawks.  Millsap fired up in the first quarter and Hawks built a healthy lead early and only to hold on to a 2 point lead at half time. At the end of the game, result is same as the previous 3 games. The difference is, Cavs were playing like as if this is the final game of the series.

Kevin was outstanding. His 4 point play was what Cavs needed for the final push to close the game. Keven attempted 15 3s and drained 8 of them with 53% success and 88% of his total score is coming from 3s.  On average Hawks allowed 20 3s in each game.

Hawks did not have a plan to guard or at least attempt to stop Cavs hitting 3s. This was a big concern in the previous 3 games and nothing is changed in Game 4 as well. As their post-season is ended again in the hands of Cavs in straight games, Hawks might have some changes in the post-season. Jeff Teague sitting in 4th quarter suggests those changes.

Hawks “sharing the ball” did not work very well as they lost focus on scoring. Hawks failed miserably at defense and allowed 77 3s in the entire series and half of them are uncontested.

“They have more experience and role players”, Hartford said after the game, referring to Cavs.

Cavs Big 3 are in better shape and playing like a true team. Role players and Bench are doing their part to fill the gap.

This is like Cleveland Dream Team! Cavs are taking mini vacations in between playoffs series.

After the game is ended, LeBron hugged Kevin. Not just simple hand shake or quick dance, it was a long bear hug! This is Keven’s first appearance Conference Finals. I am not sure who promised what, but this moment captures that promise. A promise between two committed players and I believe Cavs Fans can trust that.

LeBron, Kyrie and Keven scored 70% of the Total Points with all three of them scoring 20+ points.

Miami and Toronto series is tied and it is now best of 3. Whatever the outcome of this series, Cavs are rested and ready for the next challenge. It may not the same as previous rounds but the outlook is definitely positive.

Kevin tops both NPS and Points Scored for Cavaliers. Big 3 on the rise!

Net Player Score for Cavaliers : First time seeing Kevin in top of the list.This is a good thing.

Net Points Scored: First time seeing Kevin in top of the list.
Hawks are looking to bounce back from their worst playoff lose, handed over by Cavs!  Cavs did
Hawks are looking to bounce back from their worst playoff lose, handed over by Cavs!  Cavs not only beating Hawks they also set a new NBA record for the highest number of 3s scored in a regular or a playoff game.

After the game (game 2), Hawks did express their anger on how Cavs were trying to set the record. In fact they did nothing to stop Cavs in the last quarter. 

It is the same story repeated in game 3 as well. Hawks are expected to win this game and entire home crowd is behind them. For 3 quarters it looked like they are on their to register their first win this semifinals.

4th quarter is another story by itself. For Cavs, 4th quarter goes to Kyrie. At the same time Hawks were missing their shots most of the time and completely lost their focus and game plan. Points were not coming as Cavs tightened their defense.  

What Frye did tonight is what J R did in Game 2.  No matter who is scoring, final outcome is 21 three pointers by Cavs. 

Here is the Net Player Score for Cleveland Cavaliers:
Points Scored by Cavaliers:

Entire Hawks frustration is reflected in Jeff Teague push of LeBron, which was unnecessary. At this point game was drifted from Hawks any way. Jeff ended up with Flagrant Foul and LeBron made his 2 Free Throws.

Cavaliers are up by 3 and Hawks maintained the same number of wins, which is Zero.