Here we go again! New season with some old and new expectations! This season is all about how to get

Here we go again! Like all the previous seasons, Browns Fans have their own expectations! Some are old and some are new.  Out of all the expectations, there is one that stays the same, which is “how to get better for next year”.  Looks like this edition of Browns seem to provide some hope to the loyal fans!

Cleveland Browns (2016-2017 Edition) vs Cleveland Browns (Lifetime Tradition)

Browns now have a new head coach, new quarterback and as usual some trades and picks for future. Front-office seems to be very active, busy and embracing the power of analytics. According to Browns, all the pieces are in place and Browns ready to embark on a new journey.


Well some pieces did not work. Defense could not match the expectations and in majority of the instances it just disappeared. There is now way Browns can win games without the presence of defense. Entire league is practicing the mantra of offense-first and defense-next game plans. As a loyal Browns fan we all know that Browns offense can be very tricky and I think DePodasta will have some tough time analyzing it.

Hue Jackson:

Big question is, how far Browns can go with Hue is in charge? Based on Hue’s side-line expressions during all pre-season games, looks like he is not happy. He is not happy even if his goal is to rebuild the team. RG III and Josh got connected on some well-timed plays during pre-season game and I am sure with some input from Hue’s offense schemes. Unfortunately, we have to wait until Josh is allowed to play which happens only after 4 games. What are the other options in the first 4 games? 

Pryor? Coleman? Crowell? Who will be the go-to choice from Hue? I would think it is more on Pryor! I hope once Josh is back he won’t practice his infamous annual ritual of “ban-me-again”! If this happens everything falls on Pryor! I will be more interested to see Hue’s overall plan. Pass or Rush, Hue needs to have a 4 quarters plan not just a plan for quarter back. I expect Hue to put some good emphasis on defense schemes as well.

Look at the season opener between Panthers and Broncos! Even with 2 interceptions, Broncos still managed to win! Defense made the crucial stops and that gave them a chance to win!


Can he take Browns to the next level? For this happen, RG III must trust his team and trusted by all the players. This was evident when it was announced that RG III was selected as Team Captain.  This selection happens in the locker room and was it unanimous? We don’t know and as coach Hue mentioned, there was no outside interference with players in this selection process, even by head coach! This should set the tone and must reflect on the field, especially during the tough situations.  RG III owns the team now! If he does not establish a winning mentality and responsibility with leadership now, future will always reflect the past no matter how good Browns are at trades or picks! RG III will have some challenges as well as Browns have some veteran players in the team.  

Trevor Siemian (QB of Denver Broncos) proved that this chemistry is possible! He had a mix of veteran and new players! As a Browns fan, this will be my single expectation in the season opener. I am looking for this trust-bond-chemistry in our latest edition of Browns.  Philosophically, every game has winner and loser, but in season opener I want to know whether we have a built a team or again ended up with individual players with individual expectations and individual agendas! Only RG III can answer these questions, off course on the field not at the podium! Good Luck RG III!

Browns Last/Lost Season:

From Fans perspective, 3-13, is very depressing.  Fast-forward, my big question is, are we going to see Browns in play-offs this season?  May be not so fast! As fan I always want to see Browns in the play-offs or at least wild-card discussions, not in post-lost-preseason or build-our-browns-again (sounds like build-a-bear, which is by the way never gets old) discussions!  All of sudden, first game is more interesting than it was. Carson Wentz, instead of playing for Browns (if we had picked him in the draft), he will be playing against Browns. As a Browns Fan, we will never run out of these kinds of stories! If Carson fires up and wins, we will have a whole new topic to discuss! I think if we lose I will be looking for more articles on this topic!