What is causing Cavaliers to go out of sync on both offense and defense so quickly? Is it too much t

What is causing Cavaliers to go out of sync on both offense and defense so quickly? Is it too much talent, lineup problems, individual play, no focus or no team play?

Cavaliers, leading Eastern Conference with 19-9 and the difference between other top 10 teams in Eastern conference is not very significant.  What this mean is if other teams continue to play the way they are playing now, Cavaliers may be in the top 8 to make it to the playoffs, but may not keep the lead and loose home court advantage.

As of Dec 27th, Cavaliers played 4 games against Western Conference teams and lost 3 of them. That is 25% chance of winning. (It is just 4 games, but numbers don't lie) 

  • Win (106 - 76) on Memphis Grizzlies on Oct 28th 
  • Loss (108 – 114) to New Orleans Pelicans on Dec 4th – Could not close out the game in the regular time and lost focus in OT                                                         
  • Loss (83 - 89) to Golden State Warriors on Dec 25th (Christmas Day) – Both teams played good
  • Loss (76 - 105) to Portland Trail Blazers on Dec 26th – 29-point difference and worst loss of the season

With more than 20 games into the season (28 games as of Dec 27th) with Kyrie, Mozgov and Iman coming back from injuries, Cavs fans expect more fireworks, commendable wins or close games. At this stage everyone expects Cavs to be consistent and rebuild the team confidence. Bad habits can throw off the team balance and bring in more distractions.

It’s only 4 games against the West but the results are clearly exposing the gaps in Cavs defense and offense. LeBron cannot always carry the whole game on his shoulders by scoring, defending and playing all 48 minutes, every game. Other players need to have a strong plan and clear roles, which covers both offense and defense.

Winning 3 games on Philadelphia Sixers does not really help. It might help to keep the numbers but what really matter is winning on the tough teams. These are the teams that show up in playoffs, not Sixers for sure. (No offense to Sixers, just based on the way they are playing now).

Within Eastern Central Division, Cavs player 5 games and lost 3 of them, but still leading Central division

  • Loss to Chicago Bulls
  • Win on Indiana Pacers
  • Loss to Milwaukee Bucks
  • Loss to Detroit Pistons
  • Win on Milwaukee Bucks

Should we hit the panic button? May be not yet but definitely we can see the signs! 12 more games to hit the half season mark and I think we have more clarity on the overall plan and goal of the Cavaliers.

Go Cavs!