By half time, Cavs were up by 31. This stat alone summarizes the entire game!  Raptors lost thi
Raptors now have one choice left. They can avoid a trip to Cleveland for Game 7. All previous encounters with Cavs at Cleveland ended in loses. Raptors can still make a statement by forcing Game 7 and leaving the outcome to Cavs!  


By half time, Cavs were up by 31. This single stat alone summarizes the entire game!  Raptors lost this game by half time but still had to wait for the next 24 minutes to make it official. Everything went wrong for Raptors from the very first quarter and they could not find a way from formidable Cavs defense.

Cavs again put the ball in Love’s hands and this time he did not disappoint. He ended up with 25, high score for Cavs and  followed by LeBron and Kyrie, each scoring 23 points.

A steal by Smith and Love’s full court (almost) throw to LeBron for a Dunk are some of the things demoralized the Raptors even more.  After the series is tied at 2-2, it turned out to be a mini series of best of 3.  Win 2 and take the Eastern Conference Title for 2016.  In this new context, Cavs are up by 1 and they made their statement and still have the Home Court advantage if in case series is headed to Game 7.

Lowry and DeRozan scored 13 and 14. Their combined score is just 2 points more than Love’s individual score. This is where Cavs defense excels. They can simply shutdown the main scorers of their opponents.  

First seed team is just 1 game away and Second Seed team is just 2 games away from the title. Go Cavs!