Coming of from Road Game K. Love 97.05 M. Dellavedova 83.41
Cavs are coming of from the road game with a win and scoring 106 points. It's a high score game with a different offense mindset from the start of the game. Most importantly with a great team effort.

Here are the NPS (Net Player Scores for both CLE and MIA (based on their last game). To find more about NPS clik here.

7 players from CLE made it to the NPS compared to 4 players from MIA. 

Good to see Smith in this NPS mix and at the same time sad not to see Mo in this list. I am expecting a battel within Cavs players, mainly between Mo and Smith. Why? they both are the best shooters from both short and long range. As this the home game, high energy from fans will be feeding these 2 players as well. Hope they both share the same amount of minutes in this game. It's going to be fun!

Smith played almost 34 minutes compared to Mo's 22 minutes. Both produced the same number of points but other stats tells us a different story. Let's see what Blatt's plan for Smith and Mo for this game. Cunningham is also on the roll along with Delly which is a good sign. Both Cunningham and Delly are very athletic, healthy and eager to be on the floor as and when possible.

K. Love


M. Dellavedova


J. Cunningham


L. James


A. Varejao


R. Jefferson


J. Smith


MIA coming of from their home game with a win, scoring 104 points. As you can see bulk of the load was carried by the core four of Heat. Bosh was right on the money after his return and Wade is as usual with trademark stats.

C. Bosh


D. Wade


U. Haslem


M. Chalmers


CFF Prediction : Looks like Cavs are locked in on their long term goal, wth home court advantage,Cavs will win!

Go Cavs!