History is in making by these 2 teams. Meeting 3rd time in a row. We don't see this happening in oth

History is in making by these 2 teams. Meeting 3rd time in a row. We don't see this happening in other sports more often. We just have to appreciate this fact and enjoy while this rivalry lasts! Warriors and Cavs are not going anywhere!

If you are a dedicated Cavs fan like me, this is what you have been waiting for all year. Before we dial into Cleveland Indians and eventually to Cleveland Browns, you just want to hear these words “Cavs are in Finals” one more time. Last year it was all about breaking The Curse, The Journey, The Return and The Closure! It’s over! This year it is all about The Fun! Clevelanders wish to see another banner in their Q Arena and another Ring for their King!

#AnotherRingForTheKing - Game 1 will defiantly set the tone for the rest of the series but as an experienced sports fan I may not read too much into Game 1 result.

Scenario # 1 – SWEEP

Conference first, second rounds and finals, both West and East were amazing and at the same time utterly boring.  Other than 1 game loss for Cleveland Cavaliers to Boston Celtics, both Cavs and Warriors were running their basketball in Auto Pilot Mode! Strategy was to just win all the games, home or away, close out the series and take a break! Will this work in Finals for Cavs and Warriors? I don’t think so but still possible. With their new addition of Kevin Durant last year, Warriors not only looks like a Super Team they do play like a Super Team.

Warriors Big 4 vs Cavs Big 3. Warriors have the advantage of sharp shooters, quick offence, outside perimeter shooting and experience from Kevin and Curry! Even if their best 2 or 3 players are down or trapped, Keven or Curry can lift them up. It was proven on many occasion in the regular season in in playoffs. They are healthy and well rested for this matchup. If Kawhi Leonard was not injured in the Game 1 of West Finals, it may have turned out be a close series than a sweep.

Cavs Big 3 vs Warriors Big 4. Cavs have the psychological advantage over Warriors from their last year’s performance. Kyrie and Love are healthy, Kyle and Deron Williams are in the Finals for the first time in their long NBA careers, Triston and J R Smith are playing more important roles. Cavs bench has the required depth and they did show up many times during the regular and playoffs. How Cavs Bench match with Warriors Bench is the key. One thing for sure, when there is no pressure, Cavs are a dangerous team. 

Conclusion – No Sweep by Cavaliers or Warriors!