Finals are finally over in 5 games and Kevin Durant finally got his wish fulfilled with a Championsh
Finals are finally over in 5 games and Kevin Durant finally got his wish fulfilled with a Championship Ring!  Warriors dominated in Game 1 and Game 2 with home court advantage and superb coordination between Curry and Durant. 

Game 3 at Cavs Home Court a different story. In the closing minutes of the game (2 minutes), Cavs completely lost their composure and turned the ball at least 4 times. These costly turn overs ended up as scoring opportunities for Warriors. If this game was won by Cavs, we may be talking about Game 6.

Overall Cavs performance in season is little shaky at time but still managed to get 2nd seed. In Playoffs they are a different team and flawless. If we take Durant out of Warriors equation it will be different story in 2016-17 NBA Finals. 

Is NBA promoting or encouraging Super Teams? Looks like this will be a new trend setting in. I need a ring culture seem to seep into NBA. Players who achieved almost everything in their NBA careers, financially and fame but without a single championship ring can now confidently look forward for their best chance to win a Championship by joining a team with best chances. Ultimately every player in NBA wants a championship ring when they are in their prime. For most players in this category, in my opinion, West teams will be their best bet!

Cavs will definitely looking at a new roster next season and it won't be a surprise if they sign up some star players like too. Tristan was not his 100% best in Finals and it is same with Kyrie as well! LeBron will take another shot at appearing in record setting Finals appearances. He fulfilled his promise last year and nothing to stress about anything. On his way to another finals appearance he may overtake previous legend Michael Jordan, Kareem and others.  Cavs fans will be really excited and looking forward to witness these events.

Thanks Cavs for an amazing season of 2016-2017!