It is always great to watch football! NFL season kicked off with rematch of Broncos and Panthers! No
NFL season kicked off with a rematch of Broncos and Panthers! Not the same as last Superbowl match, but for sure it generated enough excitement. 

Panthers and Cam are looking for their first win and put away all the left over noise from previous season, for good! On the other hand, Broncos are now without Peyton, trying to introduce their franchise future quarterback, with a solid start by winning their Home game! 

Will this be a one-sided game? Cam can do it? What ever the outcome, I am looking forward for fun and great NFL season! Good luck all teams, AFC or NFC! It's all in the name of Football! As far as Browns are concerned, they are embarking on a new type of season with lots of firsts! New Coach, new Quarter Back, new front office with some analytics and already traded for new round picks etc. As season progress, Browns may bounce back or embark on a new journey, again!  (similar to previous years).

By the way, Panthers lost their first game of the season. It's a rematch for Cam, at least from the results perspective! Pathers could not score on the field kick with less than 10 seconds left on the clock.

Final result: Close match as expected! Broncos defense is still strong! Panthers missed great opportunities with Cam knocked out in the last minutes of the game. Hope he will recover or we may have to wait till tomorrow to know his condition!